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Bela Furabar Age PDF Download | বেলা ফুরাবার আগে

February 24, 20244 minute read

Bela Furabar Age PDF book is one of the works of Arif Azad. and deals with various issues and human rights. This book shares many necessary things in a common man’s life. Arif Azad has contributed essays, stories, and novels on various subjects. Bela Furabar Age gives a new direction to the book. The book Bela Furabar Age by Arif Azad certainly teaches something new to the readers.

Bela Farabar Age PDF Book Table of Contents:

1. Before the start (শুরুর আগে )10. The sun laughs in the lap of the clouds (মেঘের কোলে রোদ হেসেছে)
2. On a sad day (মন খারাপের দিনে)11. Spring has come (বসন্ত এস গেছে)
3. Why am I so sad? (আমার এত দুঃখ কেন?)12. I can’t sit in prayer (সালাতে আমার মন বসে না)
4. Tell me, where can I find happiness? (বলো, সুখ কোথা পাই)13. I will keep you in my heart (তোমায় হৃদ মাঝারে রাখব)
5. The rat-race story of life (জীবনের ইঁদুর-দৌঢ় কাহিনি)14. War means enemy-enemy game ( যুদ্ধ মানে শত্রু-শত্রু খেলা)
6. Eye disease (চোখের রোগ)15. Home beyond the clouds (মেঘের ওপার বাড়ি)
7. We are just friends (আমরা তো স্রেফ বন্ধু কেবল)16. I will be the morning bird (আমি হব সকাল বেলার পাখি)
8. Leaving does not mean leaving
( চলে যাওয়া মানে প্রস্থান নয় )
17. Raise both hands and pray (তুলি দুই হাত করি মোনাজাত)
9. Before noon (বেলা ফুরাবার আগে)18. Let’s change (চলো বদলাই)

বেলা ফুরাবার আগে

Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam was the apple of the eyes of the Companions. To hide him from sight for a moment was a matter of separation for the companions. Nabiji’s presence made their hearts happy. Their thoughts and all aspects of their lives revolved around Nabiji Sallallaahualayhi Wasallam. Just as the chest of a wayfarer in the dusty desert panted for a drop of water, so was the companionship of Nabiji to the Companions. Rarely, nectar equals water. They used to lose sight of Nabiji. He was dear to them.

Bela Furabar Age Free PDF Download

Bela furabar age pdf. I was talking about the time when the world was ruled by the worst, merciless, narcissistic ruler, Pharaoh. Perhaps the world will never see another tyrant like him again. The extent of his torture was appalling. Why not? He claimed himself as “God,” imagining himself in the seat of God’s honor and dignity, he considered himself the sole ruler of the world. Those who disagreed with his false doctrine died on their foreheads; those deaths were not ordinary. Some were killed by fire, and some were drowned in water. It was as if his parliament was full of deadly arrangements.

Pharaoh seized and killed the children of Bani Israel. Pharaoh knew that a true prophet of the true God would be sent among the children of Israel to kill him. He thought that if he could kill all the sons and daughters born in the Bani Yisrael house, then the thorn in his path would be cleared.

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Bela Furabar Age

The world’s most expensive brand of car is lying in my garage. But what a surprise, I can no longer ride in that car! My drawers are filled with the latest designer clothes. But today, I can no longer wear them. My collection consists of shoes from some of the world’s most expensive brands. The most expensive bag is in my possession.

But what a cruel irony of fate—today they are completely useless in my house! My bank account is filled with money, but that money is not useful today. My state-of-the-art house is full of expensive furniture, but where is the opportunity to relax a little while lying on that furniture? Today I am sad in the small bed of the hospital. But there was a time when, when I wanted to go to any part of the world, I could squeeze into my private plane and leave! I lack nothing in my life. But my heart cries out for want. I have everything, but most of all, today I am destitute!

Conclusion: (শেষ কথা)

Life is fragile. As the ice melts and ends, so does our life. Over time, this life comes down to zero. Well, will this mortal life be spent on mere indulgences and delusions? Five times a day, the fervent call to change oneself comes to our ears from the top of the minaret. Yet we are clueless. Shall we not rush once more? To that fountain of light that springs from Hera’s cave, to give fullness to him whose sight holds the step of eternal life, whose Abgahan is in our hearts in the stream of endless time? Can’t we go one step further to paint life in the light that filled the dark world?
Before life runs out (বেলা ফুরাবার আগে), let’s make a comeback.

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