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Download The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho PDF eBook

The story begins with an eighteen-year-old boy named Santiago who wants to travel the world. He tells his father that he wants to travel instead of becoming an ordained priest, as his father wants him to be. His father insists that only priests travel so Santiago demands that they become a shepherd because he wants to travel and see new places. The next day, his father gives him three gold coins to purchase a flock of sheep. And the story is going forward…

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It has almost 3800 positive feedback on Amazon at the time I am posting this. So, it easily understands its popularity. And you will also like it if read it.

Based on the reviewer, reading this book keeps putting the reader on the right track to achieving the dreams They put on hold. They’re always trying to do what each of us expects, like pursuing a career that we hate just because that’s what everyone does. Realizing my personal legend, being able to talk to the trees, the sky, the ants, the core of the earth, the particles of air, and my heart, feeling a deeper spiritual connection with everything/everyone around me, God within me to feel and not be afraid to fail or face challenges are just a few of the few things The Alchemist PDF gave me.

Download Alchemist by Paulo Coelho PDF eBook

Below is the download link to the PDF file so you can read it and decide whether you are interested to purchase it for your collection or not. I am sure you will love this book the alchemist pdf.

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