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Rules of College Change / Transfer – NU BD (Latest – Sept. 2016)

December 1, 20162 minute read

Lots of students from National University want to change their college to get a transfer certificate. This had as-usual old rules; most of the students may already know some or could be known by asking someone nearby or his/her university college department.

But what about the latest rules for changing colleges or getting a transfer? If there are new rules or something that has changed a little bit, maybe a majority of students or seniors don’t know. As we understand, the only students interested in knowing about this are when they get into the situation of changing their current college or when they need a transfer. This is the reason and time to ask someone about this. So, if someone doesn’t know that there are new rules coming from the National University College Changing Rules, there is a chance to get the wrong information.


Recently, National University published a new rule as a notice in PDF format on their website. It has come to the eyes of ePathagar, and we thought to spread this update to our readers so they will now know the Rules of College Changing National University 2016 (Sept.) Edition of Transfer Rules for National University 2016.

Here a download link goes below that PDF notice, so if you want to take a look or want to be aware of the updated rules of college change/transfer National University,. Or you can keep the PDF notice collected for future reference. Here it goes below:

If you guys find this post helpful or think it can be helpful for others, please share it on Facebook. Thanks for being with ePathagar.

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