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SSC Routine 2023 PDF JPG Download Now

February 24, 20237 minute read

SSC Routine 2023 is important for all examinees,and thed Bangladesh Education Board’s SSC Routine may be found at Today, the Dhaka Board will issue the SSC Routine for 2023. Download the SSC Exam Schedule. Examinations for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent will begin in April 2023. The SSC test and the Dakhil exam will begin on the same day.

We also know that the Madrasha Board’s Dakhil examination goes by such a name. Exams for the Dakhil will begin in April 2023. Primary, intermediate, and higher education are the three main phases of Bangladesh’s educational system.

SSC Routine 2023 published date

The schedule for the SSC Exam is not known with certainty. Only the Bangladesh Education Board has any influence. Nevertheless, SSC Routine typically releases on February 20, 2023. Thus, the SSC regular timetable will be released soon.

To get a government-issued certificate, students who have finished their studies with 10 grades must sit for the SSC test.

Examination Starting Date:April 30, 2023
Exam Finish Date: 23 May 2023
Exam Time: 10.00 to 11.30
SSC Exam Duration: 1.30 Hours

ssc routine 2023 pdf in bangladesh
ssc routine 2023 pdf in bangladesh

SSC Exam Routine 2023 Bangladesh – Download Mobile Format

A growing number of people take the SSC test each year. Also, it assists the government in gathering information on Bangladesh’s literacy rate. SSC test candidates will enroll in 10 educational boards, including 1 madrasa and 1 technical education board, in 2023. Last year, a total of 13,15,002 pupils enrolled for the SSC test. Dhaka Education Board has the highest number of students that have enrolled for the SSC Test 2023.

When the SSC test results were revealed in 2023, all eight education boards likewise published the results on their own websites. You can get all SSC test details on the website

When SSC Exam 2023 will start in Bangladesh?

Every year, the SSC exam is held in February. SSC Test 2023 will thus begin on April 30, 2023. I’ll keep going till March. Secondary School Certificate is referred to as SSC.

The Bangladesh Education Board published a draft SSC exam schedule on Tuesday, and Enamul Kader, the deputy secretary of the ministry of Education, asked people to comment on it. The announcement also stated that the practical tests for all other topics under these eight boards, which were originally scheduled to take place from February 27 to March 5, will instead take place from March 4 to 10 at 10 am.

SSC New Routine 2023 – Download PDF and JPG

Hopefully, the SSC or Comparable Test Routine 2023 will be made available around the middle of February 2023. As a result, you must wait to view the procedure. The routine will be published by the Bangladesh Education Board. We also advertise the regimen on our website when it is announced. because we constantly update our website with all the news.

Don’t worry if you want to know the Education Board SSC Test Schedule for 2022. The SSC Routine is available here in PDF and JGP formats. The Madrasha Education Board has made its schedule available. Anybody may get it from the Bangladesh Education Board’s official website.

All Board SSC Exam Routine 2023 same?

SSC Routine 2023 will be released concurrently. The SSC Exam will begin simultaneously across all educational boards. The SSC Exam Routine is likely the same for all educational boards.

All Education Boards in Bangladesh will have the same schedule and guidelines when the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam Routine 2023 is announced. Every year, a large number of students take the SSC Test. Students will show up in great numbers this time as well.

SSC routine 2022 All education boards in Bangladesh
SSC Routine Dhaka Board
SSC exam routine 2023 Rajshahi Board
SSC exam routine 2023 Chittagong Board
SSC routine Jessore Board
SSC routine 2023 Comilla Board
SSC routine Sylhet Board 2023
SSC Exam Routine Barisal Board 2023
SSC exam routine Dinajpur Board 2023

SSC Result 2023 – When will be published?

On March 20, 2023, the SSC Result 2023 will be published. Our website will provide you with the 2023 all-board SSC results. The top educational news website in Bangladesh for all education boards is You will receive the SSC Exam Schedule in addition to the SSC Result 2023. You can leave a comment below or send us a message on our Facebook page if you have any questions concerning the SSC Routine Bangladesh Education Board.

SSC Exam Form Fill-up Notice 2023

The notification for filling out SSC test forms was recently posted on the website of the Dhaka Education Board. Filling out SSC online applications will be available from 15 December 2022 to 14 January 2023. On the Dhaka Board’s official website, any student can quickly fill out their Form ( I’ve included the official form-filling reminder for the next SSC test below.

SSC update routine 2023
SSC Form Fill-Up Notice Download

We advise you to go to the Bangladesh Education Board’s official website to obtain the SSC test schedule. There are too many different websites that provide the opportunity to gather the routine. During the regular publishing season, you can return to our website to retrieve your SSC exam schedule. This website is perfect for gathering your forthcoming schedule in a PDF file.

SSC Routine 2023 Dhaka Board – Download PDF & JPG

You can understand how much time you have to prepare for each topic before the exam by looking at the SSC Routine 2023 Dhaka Board. You can also see how much you can improve your SSC scores on the test by reading precisely before it.

SSC Routine 2022 Dinajpur board – Download PDF & JPG

The SSC Test will begin in April 2023. The Bangladeshi Ministry of Education has made its final judgment. Thus, for the SSC Exam 2023, only group subject exams will be administered this year. Today, SHED released the completed procedure. If you want timely updates on the SSC Routine 2023 Dinajpur board, keep checking back with us.

SSC Routine 2023 Rajshahi Board – Download PDF & JPG

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination Routine 2023 was published by the Rajshahi Board in Bangladesh for the test that will be held from April 19 to May 9, 2023. So, you may get your most recent SSC exam schedule using the link provided in this article or by visiting the Bangladesh Education Board’s official website at

SSC Routine 2023 Mymensingh Board – Download PDF & JPG

We will respond as soon as we can. By the way, feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message on our Facebook page if you have any questions concerning the SSC test schedule for 2023 or the SSC results for all school boards.

Tips to do well in SSC Exam 2023 in Bangladesh

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) test, which determines students’ eligibility for further education and future professional opportunities, is a significant milestone for students in Bangladesh. In order to assist pupils succeed on the SSC test, here are five tips:

  • Create a study schedule: For test achievement, a well-planned study regimen is essential. Each day, students should concentrate on a new subject or topic, breaking up their study time into digestible chunks. They should allow enough time for studying and taking practice tests.
  • Students should identify their areas of weakness and concentrate on strengthening them. To have concepts and problems resolved, they might turn to professors, tutors, or study groups for assistance.
  • Practice previous exams: A good strategy to be ready for the SSC test is to practice previous exams. It aids in the development of time management skills, area-of-weakness identification, and test format comprehension in pupils. To replicate test conditions, students should attempt to finish the prior papers within the allocated time.
  • Preserve your health: Passing exams requires good health. To preserve their physical and mental health, students should consume a balanced diet, exercise frequently, and get enough sleep. Also, they should employ relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing to prevent tension and anxiety.
  • The SSC test might be difficult and stressful for students, but it’s crucial that they maintain their motivation and keep their sights on their objectives. Setting reasonable goals, rewarding yourself when they are met, and enlisting the help of loved ones, friends, or teachers may all help people stay motivated.

Creating a study plan, concentrating on weak areas, practicing past exams, keeping up a healthy lifestyle, and being motivated are all crucial strategies for students who want to perform well on the SSC test in Bangladesh. Students may maximize their potential and succeed academically by using the advice in this article.

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