Download All HSC(Higher Secondary School Certificate) NCTB Books 2020 PDF

download hsc nctb books pdf all subject 2020
download hsc nctb books pdf all subject 2020

Books in digital version or portable version is a common search on the internet. Cause, of our smart handy device. People loving to learn new things not only in the room but outdoor too. So they require digital version content like books, dictionary, etc. HSC(higher secondary school certificate) books are also important in this way. Intermediate students can now keep their curriculum books with them downloading and importing all original books from Link below. The below link is “download HSC NCTB books” altogether. The left column has the book name and directs to the right side has the direct download link. So just click on the right-side link regarding your necessary book name to download HSC NCTB books pdf.

To download HSC NCTB Books in pdf, please follow the name and link below.

Accounting >DOWNLOAD
Agriculture >DOWNLOAD
Business Organisation & Management >DOWNLOAD
Chemistry >DOWNLOAD
Child Development >DOWNLOAD
Classical Music >DOWNLOAD
Economics >DOWNLOAD
English Model Question >DOWNLOAD
English Model Question Solution >DOWNLOAD
Finance, Banking and Insurance >DOWNLOAD
Food and Nutrition >DOWNLOAD
Geography >DOWNLOAD
Higher Math >DOWNLOAD
Home Management & Family Living >DOWNLOAD
Home Science >DOWNLOAD
Islamic History >DOWNLOAD
Light Music >DOWNLOAD
Physics 2nd Part >DOWNLOAD
Practical Arts >DOWNLOAD
Production Management & Marketing >DOWNLOAD
Psychology >DOWNLOAD
Social Work >DOWNLOAD
Sociology >DOWNLOAD
Soil Science >DOWNLOAD
Statistics >DOWNLOAD
Statistics Q. Bank & Solution >DOWNLOAD
Tourism & Hospitality >DOWNLOAD

download hsc nctb syllabus book all subject

We understand there are a few books which has not download link or asset behind the download button. That’s because of the original source of NCTB even has not published a digital version or pdf version of hsc nctb books. We are sorry for that. If you have any problem to download hsc nctb books, please comment below, we will try to get solve or get you that one almost instant/quick. And if you find this post helpful, please do share with your Facebook friends. Thanks!

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    1. Sorry to know that you may experiencing link issue. But as we have just been checked again, all download link working just fine. Would you please let us know which link not working from your side? Thanks for your comment.

      1. Vai apnader ei link a deya boi gulo android phone a bangla front dekha jacche na. Akhon ki kora jabe bolen

      2. amar business english and communication boi lagbe hsc bm shakhar plz vai ajker moddhe dile onek upokar hoto plz plz plz

    1. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble downloading one of the books from the list. Actually, the link of Civics was from NCTB original source which is now under construction. Their link not working, so here the issue appears too. I have uploaded the offline version on my personal FTP, please download that one from

      Thanks for reaching ePathagar and your comments.

    1. Most probably original govt. source issue. Mone hocche boi gula download kore amader server a upload kore shei link gula dite hobe. Thanks for your comment, we will arrange our own link within one or two days. Apni amaderke janate paren kon boi ta ashole apnar ai muhurte dorkar, amra cheshta korbo boitar link druto up korte.

    1. We are very sorry for inconvenience downloading the book, the reason not working any link was a fault of govt. original source since we used original sources on our website. Govt. site currently down. But we have sorted out all the issues with the link, so you could download any of the books from the link. Try again, please.

    1. We are very sorry for inconvenience downloading the book, the reason not working any link was a fault of govt. original source since we used original sources on our website. Govt. site currently down. But we have sorted out all the issues with the link, so you could download any of the books from the link. Try again, please.

  1. আমি বইয়ের লিঙ্ক চেয়েছিলাম। লিঙ্ক ঠিক করেছেন, কিন্ত এটা তো সিলেবাস?

  2. Hi Everyone, we are very sorry to see somebody having trouble downloading the HSC Books from our website. Actually we used original download link from NCTB Govt. website, and their NCTB Books page under construction yet(from a long though). Then we have searched internet and found only few today.

    Now, only the available books links are alive. Hope the current alive link won’t be issue when download. Please comment if anybody face any problem. We will update all the link when Govt. website updates or we will find books source internet.

    Many thanks for being with ePathagar.

    1. Brother, you can comment if you face any problem and you did. Here the reply: all download button are not active(not linked inside) because the specific books are not available internet/govt-website. We will update the link when we find other books consistently. Sociology books download button are also inactive, the cause of unavailability of digital version books.

      I appreciate your comment but don’t let others know you grew up in a literate bad cultured family where you doesn’t learn to respect each other. Anyway, I have removed your other comments where you(no one but you) used slang.
      Thanks for being with

    1. Hi Jaed, thank you for your comment. Amra dukkhito, our collection or internet resource a biology 2nd paper er different writter er book apatoto amra khuje paini. ePathagar er shathe thakar jonno dhonnobad.

    1. There is not any Digital version of Soft Music Book PDF we found Internet or Govt. website. And the button is not alive. We are sorry, but thanks for being with ePathagar.

  3. I’m a student of English version, i need books which are translated , it would be of great help if you can provide us with english version books , rwgards, please let me know in my email if you are able.

    1. Hi Tahmid, thanks for comment. Actually all the books was linked correctly when we linked all the books(Bengali & English) first time here. The actual link was comes from Govt. nctb book source. After few months, they stopped the page/link. So, suddenly we had to find books from other source to linked with. And we found very limited number of books. The sum is, we are very sorry for now to help in your situation. Thanks for being with ePathagar.

  4. আমার উচ্চতর গনিত দ্বিতীয় পত্র(এস ইউ আহমেদ) বই প্রয়োজন,,,,এটা কোথা থেকে পেতে পারি????

  5. আমার HSC মানবিক বিভাগের বই,সাজেশন এবং গাইড লাগবে। আপনাদের কাছে থাকলে দয়াকরে জানাবেন।

  6. it is the helpful site for use. but there missing subject , such as math 2nd paper. if you will give these book, we get benefited .

    1. Thanks for your valuable comment which makes us inspired. But unfortunately, we don’t have those books and we didn’t find anything in the NCTB website. As a result, some books link are missing/blank. We are sorry but we will arrange the books link as soon as we can!

  7. ভাইয়া, বায়োলজি যে লিংক টা দেওয়া তাতে শুধু প্রথম পত্রের প্রথম অধ্যায় টা download হয়েছে । ফুল বই এর লিংক টা দিতেন ।

  8. আমার english 1st paper সাজেশন এবং গাইড লাগবে। আপনাদের কাছে থাকলে দয়াকরে জানাবেন।

    1. Not exactly, there are a few books we couldn’t find internet for republish here but most of the hsc books are linked in the post. And yes syllabus are 100% full filled in the syllabus post. Would you please let me know which books exactly you are looking for and didn’t find here? Thanks for being with ePathagar! ✌️

  9. I am looking for HSC HCTB english version books, are the english version available or I need totally to stop searching for english books?

    1. We are sorry to hear that you are tired searching English version books of HSC. Actually govt. doesn’t provide those books in English version yet, so do we! But we will keep searching and update here if found one. Thanks for being with ePathagar.

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