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Ekattorer Chithi – PDF

December 1, 20162 minute read

In nineteen seventy-one, our freedom fight was forced to be held to protect our minimum right. The Pakistani armed forces killed our people and raped lots of women in that schedule. Freedom fighters were outdoors to save our country fighting a long 9 months. In this time period, most of them kept their very few communications with family by a handwritten letter which was arrived by someone else maximum time.

Those letters are golden words, has huge emotion, love, respect, care, and missing. Those must make any Bangladeshi cry, emotional.


After a long about 40 years, a Bangladeshi well-known blog site SomeWhereInBlog has spread its sounds to collect those letters to publish nationally. And they got so many responses from the Freedom Fighter family. Lots of families sent their ‘only has letters of their loved one’ to keep collected and published nationally. SomeWhereInBlog, Prothom-Alo(A Bangladeshi Reputed News Paper) and GrameenPhone(A Bangladeshi GSM Based-

Mobile Operator) joined to campaign to collect this priceless asset. And their promise goes to publish a book that will have all the original hand-written letters.

The book was finally published. You will probably get that most of the Bengali-based blog and ePathagar thought to repost that for their readers, visitors if someone still did not read those letters. Seriously, if someone still did not read those letters, please do! right now!!!

You must be amazed to see what power a letter can have. You will be in tears, emotional, and proud of those freedom Fighters who sacrificed their lives for our country.

To download “Ekattoder Chithi” the book version which has all the original letter collection, please click on the link below:

And this one: HSC NCTB Syllabus PDF

If you find this post helpful, or like the letters that made you feel proud of our Freedom Fighter, please share with your friends.

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