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Economics Masters Final Year Syllabus – National University

August 13, 20162 minute read

One of my friends asked me to search the Internet for the Economics Masters Final Year Syllabus, few days ago. She is doing her Masters at the National University. She is in her final year of getting her post-graduation via Previous Masters after completing her B.A. (B.S.S.), which is called a Bachelor in Arts, or, in other words, a Bachelor in Social Science.

So, I started searching the Internet for her syllabus since she only had her subject code but didn’t know the subject name. She was also involved with a job and did not have a chance to keep herself busy with study and class regularly. Maybe after 6 months, her Masters Final Year exam will be held, so she needs to purchase books and start her study right now.

To help her out, while I was searching the Internet for her book’s name based on subject code, I did not find anything, All other subject syllabuses were available on the Internet, but unfortunately for Economics, it was empty online. I faded up and called my nephew for help getting this information from my friend’s institution, which was near my nephew’s university. It is also a distance from my friend’s current location, where she lives and is doing her job now.

My nephew goes to my friend’s campus for that information, I mean, the subject name, and collects that. I already supplied those books’ names against the subject codes to my friends, but I just thought about others, if someone, unfortunately, faces the same situation and does not find anything on the internet and does not have any source like me to collect that information from, and in the meantime, if I post the information on and if someone finally finds that Internet in same unfortunate situation, that would be a help. This is the reason to post: to help others find the Economics Masters Final Year Syllabus National University or Economics Masters Final Year Syllabus NU BD over the Internet.

Here is the subject code and subject name below for the Economics Masters Final Year Syllabus at National University.

312201 = Micro Economics
312203 = Macro Economics
312205 = Development Economics
312207 = Banking Institutions and Policies
312218 = Field Work
312209 = Population Economics
312211 = International Economics
312217 = Labour Economics
312220 = Viva

Hope this post was helpful for someone out there, and if so, don’t calculate so much to share. Thanks 🙂

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