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HSC Exam Result 2016 – A Short Review

August 20, 20163 minute read

HSC Exam Result 2016 has fallen out. So, all the HSC examinee of 2016 got their results. Most of them are may happy with their results but must have someone who did not get their expected results. But worry not, you got whatever you expressed in exams. And who did not passed, just try to prepare yourself for next battle. You would own next time, for sure.

Let’s see what was the scenario of the results in  HSC exam results 2016 short review.

By the record of this year, it seems 5{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff} of passed percentage has raised up than last year in average. But results are not expected or got down in the college of City/Town.

HSC Exam Result 2016 review

Total examinee was 61,358. And girls examinee was 29,357. Girls pass rate more than boys, based on the chart. Girls got passed 21,250 from 29,357. Boys are passed 21,907 from total of 32,181 examinee. So, girls are ahead of a  4.31{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff} pass rate than boys this year. But boys got maximum A+ than girls this year.

Last year record seems like:
Total examinee was 55,808. Girls were 27,499 and had passed 20,199. So, pass rate was 73.16{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff} for girls.
Boys were 28,305 in total and 18,978 was passed in exam. So, pass rate had 67.05{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff} last year for boys.

Girls are also ahead in departmental or section based result this year. It seems like:
From Science section, girls pass rate is 83{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff} and boys pass rate is 81.23{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff}.
From Humanities section, girls pass rate is 65.32{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff} and boys rate is 57.66{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff}.
From Commerce, its 82.29{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff} and 73.97{c78824b943a3291e5510f54bc86814630d3935e6711ca5f3cb64fb3ab4afc9ff}(boys and girls).

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