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Important English Word and Bangla Meaning – Collection-1

December 9, 20162 minute read

Important English Word and Bangla Meaning

Collection 1

English is a much more important language in real life, exams, career even for personality. If someone wants to go abroad, English comes to the top point for him/her. And catch English goes week if we don’t have enough word understanding capacity, I mean English to Bangla meaning.

So I thought to post an important English word and Bangla meaning series here, and this is the first one, but still important. This is a PDF version file, so anyone can store this into their mobile photo to read even in an outdoor, or store in PC to read while sitting on it, your wish. But the thing is: the collection is very important to improve English word capacity.

I can’t say this is a very vast collection that capable of your English skill make a boom but must improve. Just try. You will understand yourself what happening after read this. Take some time, don’t try to keep mind all the word in a single time, but read again after a while or day or when you have some lazier time to act with it. Below a link of that PDF just download and ENJOY!

More series will come later, so keep connected with us to get things like that, share with your Facebook friend to let them know. Thanks!

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